11 Feb

The Story of a Relaxed Roman Valance

While not all customers know what they want, this particular relaxed roman valance customer was a delight to work with.  Not only did they see the value of going outside the mundane world of Hunter Douglas and cookie cutter solutions of other large shops, but they were able to inflect their own exquisite taste in both fabric and color selection into my process and ultimately final product.

Their inspiration helped us fit soft relaxed folds with slight bend in the center into the final product.  The fabric? They opted for something sleek white and silver that was also very contemporary.  Restoration Hardware? Don’t think so… this was done right here in Hooksett.

The great part about working with clients in a workroom in New England is that we can also use window treatments to manage light better all year round.  This relaxed roman valance is a perfect example of the perfect solution for a specific window in the home.

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29 Jan

Shades of My Roman Vacation

When I finally got to Rome for a much needed vacation the last thing I thought was that my experience learning how to be a rockstar with WordPress would lead me to noticing the shades that I saw in a city that is almost 3000 years old.

Yes.  Me on vacation.  If you are a client, you’ll be surprised that my son Chris and I actually took the time to do some cultural bettering and wine tasting (not for Chris!) in Tuscany.

But look at these shades!! Isn’t Italy amazing?  Well guess what, they are American!. This image is from Independence Hall in Philadelphia and what struck me about my time in Rome was just how many cool, interesting, textured and *old* building had roman shades throughout.

The big take away for the time I had in Italy was just how much cross pollination there is in our cultures, homes and yes, window treatments.  This image of Indepence Hall might as well have been when I was enjoying a nice walk on the piazza.

One thing that is important for clients to imagine, is the power that light, texture and context has over what type of treatments they place and where.  When seeing old architecture with it done so well, you can then envision how to make your home or work place more stately and historic.  And, who new, this nearly 3000 year old fashion is back!

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29 Jan

Lemons into Lemonade

Not all jobs go well.

There’s no sense in sugar coating the reality of a consulting, service and manufacturing company’s daily toil. But nothing makes for good writing better than an inside glimpse into how a big potential mistake can turn into a big win – not only for us, the shop, but the client as well.

First off – the client is always right.  This can be problematic when The Workroom (!) doesn’t speak up.

Well… fear not, there’s a happy ending.

The problem started with simple physics, texture and fabric issues: Delicate silk fabric is likely to dimple when stretched and stapled over a cornice board.  Believe me, I knew that my poor silk didn’t want to meet this fate – but the client *really* envisioned something working that way.

A great fabric choice in so many places…. just not this one.

But the challenge of having a consultative relationship with my clients is that while I’m the guide, ultimately it is their call.  Amazingly, working with the client’s vision, we were able to suggest a soft board valance with corner pleats.

Here’s the thing about silk – she does not like to be pulled to tight.  She would prefer to hang freely over the sides of the board.  Once the client saw the intuitive, obvious and natural needs that silk had (as a fabric) it became an easy fix to take their original vision and have them embrace a better vision and set up, using the very same fabric that they were bent on using.

Working with fabrics can be challenging when the application desired may not fit the geometry, location or style.

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