29 Jan

Shades of My Roman Vacation

When I finally got to Rome for a much needed vacation the last thing I thought was that my experience learning how to be a rockstar with WordPress would lead me to noticing the shades that I saw in a city that is almost 3000 years old.

Yes.  Me on vacation.  If you are a client, you’ll be surprised that my son Chris and I actually took the time to do some cultural bettering and wine tasting (not for Chris!) in Tuscany.

But look at these shades!! Isn’t Italy amazing?  Well guess what, they are American!. This image is from Independence Hall in Philadelphia and what struck me about my time in Rome was just how many cool, interesting, textured and *old* building had roman shades throughout.

The big take away for the time I had in Italy was just how much cross pollination there is in our cultures, homes and yes, window treatments.  This image of Indepence Hall might as well have been when I was enjoying a nice walk on the piazza.

One thing that is important for clients to imagine, is the power that light, texture and context has over what type of treatments they place and where.  When seeing old architecture with it done so well, you can then envision how to make your home or work place more stately and historic.  And, who new, this nearly 3000 year old fashion is back!

Interested in learning more about how the Roman Revolution could come to your home?  Leave me a comment on your favorite historic architectural moment or just zip me a note to say hi.

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