DW New England sells and installs Solar Gard® Window Films

Window Films and School Safety

When it comes to protection, a school building is only as strong as its weakest entry point. Most schools have entry points with glass doors and large windows to provide a welcoming atmosphere. But they are also an ideal entry point for intruders.

At DW New England, we sell and install window films to cover windows and glass doors. Depending on the thickness installed, these films can withstand blasts, extreme weather and prevent intruders from entering a school through the window.


Window Films for privacy, UV protection and energy savings

At DW New England, we can install window films that increase privacy by preventing viewers from looking in, while allowing you to see out. We can also install films that prevent 98% of all UV rays from entering. In addition to protecting your skin, it also protect furnishings from sun fading. Window films can also be installed that prevent solar gain, thus reducing cooling costs.



How it works

Because these window films are strong and flexible, the glass may break, but the window film does not, to provide an impenetrable barrier that protects. Even a bullet passing through the film and glass prevents the glass from being broken out and allowing entry.

Our window films are anti-theft, anti-break-in, shatter and fragment resistant and help prevent vandalism. Our window films come in various thicknesses up to and including 14 MIL (one of the thickest in the industry).

If you would like to know more about DW New England’s school safety program, let us know.  We will be happy to talk to your PTO and/or School Board and provide a no obligation estimate.